Donor Families Australia is a recently formed education, support and advocacy group for families of organ donors.

Our vision is to support donor families, to raise organ and tissue donation rates in Australia through education and informed public policy and debate, to provide excellence in delivery of care to potential donor families, to recognise the emotion intrinsic in the organ and tissue donation process and to create a caring and compassionate community.

As a new organisation they required a professional logo and brand which would represent and identify them on a national level.


Donor Families Australia Logo


The heart shape was chosen being the most recognisable and emotive organ. The concept of two lives connecting is central to the organisation so we experimented with placement and how the two hearts would connect. The design was also chosen as it helped to signify the impact organ donation can have on families and the community; the butterfly effect that one good deed can achieve. The off square angle helps to emphasise vulnerability.

The gold and green colour scheme was chosen to underline the organisation as a national body. The gold hearts are used as a metaphor for generousity and designed to be completely abstracted from the actual organ, to avoid any negative connotations.